Hello, my name is Seba. I lived in the days of Noah and I want to share my tragic story. We watched the old man and his family build the huge boat and thought he had lost his mind. For years and years Noah was the laughing stock of the entire region.

“Something, though, troubled me deep down. When Noah spoke of turning from sin and looking to God, I knew he was speaking truth. Everyone admitted our culture was wicked… but who wanted to change? I actually seriously talked to my wife about joining Noah, but she did not want to lose all our friends.

“When the animals started walking up the ramp into the ark, I once again knew in my heart that Noah’s preaching was true. I came so close to repenting and asking God to forgive me… but, again, I failed to act. When the door shut and the rain began… it was too late.”

Hello, my name is Timon. I lived in the days of Peter and heard him speak on the Day of Pentecost, shortly after the man named Jesus had been crucified. The fisherman spoke with passion and power and though some said he was drunk, I knew he was not. When he proclaimed Jesus to be Messiah, my heart sensed it was true… but I suppressed the thought.

“Even as thousands responded to Peter’s message and were baptized in the name of the Nazarene, I resisted the urge to join them. I was a young man with a young wife and infant son. I had witnessed the way our elders disdained the followers of Jesus and did not want my family to be targeted.

“Shortly after, it looked like I had made the right decision. Followers of Jesus were persecuted mercilessly. Most fled Jerusalem and scattered throughout Judea and Samaria. I thought: ‘Whew… if I had responded to Peter’s invitation on Pentecost, we too would be fleeing.’ Little did I know what was to come.

“My wife of forty years, my children, and my grandchildren were my pride and joy. When the Romans surrounded the Holy City, I knew we were doomed. How I wished I had chosen differently on the day I heard the truth.”

Hello, my name is Lewis. I am also living in unprecedented times… but I do not want to be like Seba and Timon. Of course, it would be easy to go their same route and ignore God. Confined to our houses, it is tempting to watch the news constantly with only one consuming question: ‘When are things going to get back to normal?’

“But a friend of mine challenged my thinking. He says sin is far more deadly than any virus. I first thought: ‘Please… don’t use this crisis as an excuse to push your religion,’ but deep down, I know my friend tells the truth. I have always thought there must be a God, but now I am determined to seek Him.

“My friend says he is not promoting a religion… but a Person. He says Jesus is really who He says He is… the Son of God. So I have been reading the Bible… about a Creator who has made a way to restore sinful mankind back to Him. The One named Jesus is the main message of the Book… He is the Good News. Jesus desires all to know Him… and His Father… and the Holy Spirit.

“So I have decided to follow Jesus Christ. I am calling on His Name and asking Him to take over my life. I believe in my heart He died for us all and then rose from the dead. I am confessing Jesus as Lord and I am planning to do everything He tells me. We’ll see what happens next…”

“Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.” Joel 3:14

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