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pomp and circumstance

This is our final week of school so this will be the last writing for a while. As you know, graduations have taken a new path this year because of our social distancing constraints. One way or another, I hope … Continue reading

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resistance, suffering, and perseverance

Lewis is my name and I recently turned my life over to Christ. My wife Sarah saw the huge change in me and decided to put her faith in Jesus also. Our two young children now have parents who are … Continue reading

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Spirit, power, and prayer

Hello, my name is Lewis. Recently, during perilous times, I was rescued. Jesus would say I was born again… born of water and the Spirit. Because of Him: God has forgiven my sins; I’ve been set free from the plague … Continue reading

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faith and experience

Hello again, my name is Lewis. In the midst of difficulty, I have found Jesus… or maybe, Jesus has found me. Good can come from bad… I say this because I really don’t think I would have pursued God had … Continue reading

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peace and love

Hello, my name is Lewis and it has been one week since I surrendered my life to Christ. I said: “Lord, You have given Your life to save me… thank You. I don’t understand everything, but I am offering myself … Continue reading

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